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Staying inside is no way to celebrate your birthday, but today Flamingosis just turned 29! So we want to show how much we appreciate him—and how much he’s contributed to the electronic music community—by sharing our favorite Flamingosis songs!

Aaron Velasquez, also known as Flamingosis, is a Brooklyn-based producer who creates vibey funk and electro-soul tracks. He takes a different approach to music by repurposing classic records all while keeping the timeless energy of the samples he uses. If you’re into old-school disco and R&B, you’ll love Flamingosis.

We think he deserves way more clout, so on his special day, we’re here to give it to him!

With that being said, here are 5 sexy Flamingosis songs you should listen to if you want to get your groove on:

(Note that this is Editor’s Choice, so if you love Flamingosis and want to add onto the list—feel free to do so in the comments!)

#1: (Finesse) Hey Baby

This is the first Flamingosis song I’ve ever heard and I was obsessed. I heard it while driving down the streets of Brooklyn in the fall with my (then) boyfriend and it felt I was living in a rom-com. The lightheartedness of the song makes you want to bop your head and sing along. Which is easy to when the chorus is as simple as ‘Ooooh. Yeah, yeah, hey baby!’ You wouldn’t even know this song was a breakup song unless you listened to the original, which is just as beautiful.

Sample: Love So Strong by The Lovelites

#2: “Next To You”

It’s time to get saxy with this next track because “Next To You” brings back the funk with horns, drums, electric guitar, and soulful vocals. With a similar essence to “(Finesse) Hey Baby,” Velasquez uses repetition and a buoyant beat to keep the listeners bumpin’.

Samples: “Trying To Get Next To You” by Arnold Blair and “Soul Love” by David Bowie

#3: “Voodoo” (with Cōfresi)

Spooky season doesn’t only have to be in October thanks to this Cōfresi and Flamingosis collab. The track defies genre by combining blues and trap in the most seamless way. But that’s to be expected when you put two incredible producers in the studio together. It’s a track Cōfresi consistently puts in his mixes, and we can understand why—it’s a BOP! He even put it in his Guest Mix for Electric Hawk Radio 41!

Sample: “I Put A Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

#4: “Believe Me”

If you don’t believe love is wrong, believe me (ha—see what I did there?) when I say you will after you listen to this song. Starting with a guitar solo to set up the mood for the song, you’ll be wanting to hold your person close and sway all night. The song features one of the biggest R&B hits of the ’70s and Flamingosis brings it to life by creating its own modern-day love story.

Sample: “Leaving Me” by The Independents

#5: “Down For The Fifth Time”

Aptly numbered, coming at number 5 is “Down for the Fifth Time.” I don’t know if there’s a common theme in Flamingosis’ picks, it was just the theme of songs of the time, or I’m just really going through it and picking type sad songs, but Flamingosis just knows how to make a sad song into something groovy and danceable.

Sample: “Down For The Third Time” By Bobby Caldwell

Want to escape reality and listen to some more Flamingosis songs? Check him out here:

Keep up with Flamingosis and wish him a happy birthday!
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