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If you haven’t heard of this hidden gem yet please allow us to bring him to your attention. Josh Teed, the producer from New Hampshire is taking an innovative approach to his production style. In a genre where finding your own sound is certainly a challenge, we know how difficult it can be to stand out with something so unique. Josh Teed, however, is taking matters into his own hands by finding the perfect balance between electronic and organic beats. 

Emergent marks the debut album from the rising producer. He wastes no time already defying norms by dipping his hand in a plethora of sounds and styles. Through his combination of live instrumentation paired with scenic beats and ambient sounds, Josh Teed weaves all elements together to create illustrious illustrations in your mind. All this is, of course, meets absurd amounts of bass that would satisfy even the most pompous wook. Emergent marks the celebration of his distinct new sound and the raw talent that is just oozing from this artist.

“This album is the cumulative effort of hundreds of hours of work, experimentation, and expression. I’m a firm believer that genres shouldn’t confine an artist’s boundaries, and I did my best with ‘Emergent’ to emphasize that belief.” -Josh Teed

The album opens with “Naja” featuring Peace Sine. Tribal chants and roaring drums create a worldly bass ambiance through a dramatic build-up. The track then scatters into a murky mess of low-end wubs that fill your mind with subtle hints of haziness. Allow for the organic sounds of the didgeridoo to navigate you on this sonic expedition. Just as you realign yourself, the song sputters and squeems into another dimension of insanity as the bass really hits you in the gut.  

“Shifting Sands” was the first release we received off the album and man did it really set the bar high for what to expect. An extremely experimental track, Shifting Sands shows Josh Teed’s ambition in exploring unmarked territory. He effortlessly incorporates a soothing violin medley into a brash tune that contains no shortage of filthy bass. The track seeps beauty with the enchanting violin while it weeps madness as the bass hits your soul. This is truly a special track that does a phenomenal job stirring up numerous emotions.

Sidewinder” is an early personal favorite of ours and we know how excited Josh was to share this tune with his fans. We can recall one moment during the construction of this project when Josh hit us up to share a sneak peek of this absolute spectacle. We knew instantly this one was going to be MAJOR. Recruiting his buddy Siska, the two create a mind numbing tune that will send cosmic shifts through your body. The calming violin soothes over the ferocious beat before the storm strikes down on us again. This second drop is just straight up rude. An ensemble of raucous analog synths scatter throughout the song into millions of pieces and berate you from every direction possible. We’re getting crazy G Jones vibes from this one. 

Emergent” is described as the process of coming into being and this track brilliantly encapsulates that feeling.

This one sets the stage for an expedition of finding oneself. A downtempo journey through an undiscovered wilderness awaits you on this track. Through the twists and turns, you are met with various dark bass lines that must be faced around every corner. At last, you are greeted by the heavenly sounds of the violin as you achieve centeredness. The mood sets over the track providing a moment of clarity for the listener to collect themselves. 

Ascent” begins with a vibrant, promising buildup that inspires hope. Sounds of nature create a vivid soundscape as you faintly make out birds echoing in the distance. Once again the remarkable violinist goes to town as his melodic chords orchestrate over dreamy and bubbly beats. What appeared to be a slow ascent is abruptly halted as we’re greeted by vocals informing us that it’s time to go. The beat is sliced into a wonky tune that teeters on the line of some real heavy dubstep. Is there any sound this guy can’t master??

Apogee” features Josh Teed’s collab with the bass queen, NotLö.

The two join forces to cause absolute chaos. World bass fuses with dubstep on this track with two of the freshest in the business. We fear for mankind if these two continue to release fire like this. Apogee is unapologetic, ferocious, sinister and contains some of the meanest low end wubs we’ve heard in some time. Make sure you give this one the appropriate treatment with some good quality speakers. This tune freakin SLAPSSSSS.

Defect” is simply unlike anything we have heard before. The track craves your attention every waking second as it breathes new life into your speakers. Beginning with a very calming aurora, it beautifully whispers letting us know we “can’t stay”. The listener is totally flipped upside down as the subs holler out vicious cries of bass. Once again Josh Teed uncovers his madness behind all the allure in his mystical music.

Lastly, Josh Teed gracefully closes out the project with “Expanse“. A stunning track that takes the listener on one last journey before its time to say goodbye. He does an outstandingly remarkable job of constructing rich visualizations while provoking elaborative cognitions out of the simplicity of his beats. This tune is a straight ride to the finish line with the windows down. Take it all in as you cruise through the stunning soundscapes one last time. 

Stream and support the debut project below as this is just the beginning of the rise of Josh Teed. Make sure to follow along on social to find out the latest upcoming news regarding new music & more!

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