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If you haven’t heard of this hidden gem yet allow us to bring him to your attention. Josh Teed, the producer from New Hampshire is taking an innovative approach to his production style. In a genre where finding your own sound is certainly a challenge, we know how difficult it can be to stand out with something so unique. Josh Teed, however, is taking matters into his own hands. Finding the perfect balance between electronic and organic beats, Josh has situated himself beautifully to shine.

Josh Teed implements live instrumentation through his songs to give it that raw feel that can’t be found solely through a computer. The man is incredibly talented and gifted as a musician. Using a guitar, a freakin didgeridoo, a synthesizer, and a violin, this producer pushes his creativity to the max. Don’t worry bassheads, Josh is able to effortlessly fuse these sounds to create gnarly tunes. You know, the ones that give you a grimacing look on your face with that silly little smirk.

“It was an amazing opportunity to showcase some favorites from the album I’m working on. It really shows my range in production.” -Josh Teed

Josh Teed decided to team up with Gradient Perspective to bring us a brand new, original mix. A quick little shout out to Gradient Perspective team for continuing to showcase some of the strongest, young talents in bass music. This all-original mix has everything you need to become acclimated and fall in love with Josh’s distinctive sound.

Throughout the mix, the producer flexes his ability to incorporate live instrumentation meshed with ferocious drum patterns and grimy breakdowns. Meanwhile, he decides to nonchalantly throw in a little violin sesh over A$AP Rocky & Skepta’s hip-hop banger, ‘Praise the Lord’. One turn after the next Josh releases fury on the listener with his menacing bass drops. Still not convinced? He also displays his skills at slowing the beat down and creating that euphoric feeling. There is simply no denying the talent of this guy.

Stream the mix below and peep that tracklist to see all the madness he delivered. TONS of IDs in there so you know we will be eating good soon. Make sure to follow along Josh Teed’s socials to see when these bad boys will be dropping. It’s going to be a big year for Josh Teed, we are ready, are you?

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