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The effervescent JAMiAM has entered the chat, debuting her first EP, Affirmations! Although JAMiAM’s style encompasses many genres, her specialty is blending booming bass into delicate storylines. All in all, this downtempo composition proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Jamie Martocchio, aka JAMiAM, hails from Connecticut and is undeniably on her way to taking over the underground scene. Last year she graced the stage for the first time at the Esseks Uncertain Future release party in Brooklyn, closing it out with a bang. With a personality as big as her heart, JAMiAM never fails to deliver a dazzling performance no matter what time she’s on. Popular releases such as “EWWW!” and “DO iT!” are prime examples of her signature experimental sound. Similarly, Affirmations showcases that same trademark but also displays a raw and emotional side. So, let’s dive into JAMiAM’s very first EP!

JAMiAM crowd shot
JAMiAM, captured by Chase Baker

The title track, “Affirmations, takes the lead as echoing phrases of sweet reassurance ease over the rumble in the background. However, be aware of the gentle words, as this song still packs a punch! JAMiAM builds anticipation with a quiet interlude before a heavy, uplifting bass line takes over. A groovy yet sentimental beginning to the EP. After that, we embark on a hypnotizing excursion with “Ethereal. The melodic ebb and flow make it impossible not to weave along to the rhythm. This single has no lyrics but still embodies the same passion as the first. It’s as if I’m floating through time without a care in the world, peaceful. It takes significant talent for a producer to manifest such a palpable feeling.

The Affirmations EP pulls at the heartstrings and captivates from start to finish!

Thirdly is “Wake Up,which is my personal favorite of the EP. Slow and steady, we are swept off our feet by the otherworldly introduction. The tempo amplifies and then explodes into a gnarly cadence with an astronomical bounce! Nevertheless, the elegance remains through JAMiAM’s classic head-rattling knocks.

Finally, is a wiggly tune titled “Falling. Once more, we find the perfect combination of dainty accents and grimy, reverberating bass. Only this time, there’s no holding back! This experimental banger has become a staple in JAMiAM sets, and rightfully so.

JAMiAM's Affirmations EP cover art

In 2023, JAMiAM is undoubtedly an artist to keep your eye on! So far, she’s made her mark in New York, Michigan and next up is Connecticut as support for Tape B. Once again, JAM’s creativity is boundless, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. Until then, check out her latest mini-mix of all originals after you’ve explored the inaugural EP, Affirmations!

Stream the new Affirmations EP by JAMiAM below!

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