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Nicci bounce originator chromonicci returns with a lively new single, “Nono.” Releasing on March 11th, “Nono” is a beautiful blend of chromonicci’s original sound with some old-school trap flavor, and a dash of future-beats experimentation. Out now on Bonsai Collective.

Christian Crenshaw is a Dallas native with style. His tunes are wavy. And he’s formed his own unique flair he likes to call “Nicci bounce.” Impossible to replicate, chromonicci’s signature style has pushed his Soundcloud following over 25k. His Dreamworlds EP on ChillHop is an absolute masterpiece. And his most recent single with capshun, “Revival,” is still on repeat in my daily rotation.

“Nono.” is dancefloor-ready

Oh, how I miss live music. chromonicci chops up distorted feminine vocals, then layers them over booming bass frequencies and trap percussion. While the dexterity on display is bewildering, the beauty is in the simplicity. As the track progresses towards the 1:30 mark, Crenshaw pushes the experimentation a step further. The flow is insane, and the subs shake you to your core. Making this a memorable first impression on Bonsai Collective.

I wanted to make something that bangs. An OG nicci bounce with a bit of a bassy flavor. I just get excited thinking of ways the song would go off at a club!”

chromonicci. on “Nono.”

Listen to “Nono.” by chromonicci. below, and support your favorite creatives:

Cover art: Sasha Rome

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