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The mysterious producer camoufly is back with their latest glittery, angelic track “Alone (With U)” released earlier this week on April 13th. The shimmering single is the first installment in camoufly’s upcoming EP FAITH, dropping later this month. “Alone” brings out a heavenly atmosphere that will have you feeling like you are floating in the clouds.

camoufly Alone

‘Alone’ is both the first track I worked on for this EP, and the last to be finished. I’ve been wanting to make something influenced by baile funk for so long, and I think that doing it this way — by using my own signature sounds — was the only way to do it. Oh and did you hear that outro? Those are my two friends Alice and Pedro. I just thought the EP needed a “back to reality” moment, so what’s better than a cute conversation between two lovers at the end of a song?


Fill up your atmosphere with glitter and camoufly’s latest track.

Immediately we are stunned by the shuddering production from camoufly, prepping the wings to take us on the next angelic adventure. Slowly taking ahold of our hand, we both gracefully lift our feet off the ground and glide into the clouds. While enjoying the new scenery, we begin to notice clouds starting to bounce and dance around us. As the clouds follow along to the rhythm and chipper sonic waves, our skin begins to glimmer. The elements of “Alone” begin to seep into our bodies as we slowly start to glisten in chromatic pastels. Now under the sparkling spell, we are mesmerized by the jubilant atmosphere that camoufly crafted for us. And before we know it, we are brought back into reality as we watch the clouds above pass on by.

Nevertheless, by the time the track is over, we are left with some glitter lingering along with our bodies. “Alone” brings out that warmth and gentle spirit that delivers comfort into our lives. Although we may have this dwelling weight of loneliness, camoufly brings the soft reminder that we aren’t. As they grab our hands and show us the pleasant, enjoyable simple moments in life. “Alone” is the track that’ll make you notice the curves along your lips lift as you watch the clouds pass by and the rays warm your spirit. A radiant track to fill and unleash the dazzling colors in our lives we don’t notice immediately.

Flutter through the heavens not “alone” but with camoufly below!

Forever together with camoufly
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