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Erupting with unrestrained instrumentation and blooming grooves, Schmoop and his new EP Collapse dip into multifarious sonic colors from a perfectly envisioned palette. Coupled with the EP’s kaleidoscopic artwork, Schmoop’s masterclass in musical alchemy yields biosynthetic beats and a lucid listening experience. 

Collapse is Schmoop’s first EP since 2020 and after being blown away by the Focal Point EP as well as Schmoop’s side-project with Jade Cicada, and Wonky Llama, this new release is a real treat! Especially following Schmoop’s eclectic performance at this year’s Tipper and Friends.

There’s no better way to describe “Bzeow” than “Bzeow”!

Kicking things off with a kick and snare rhythm, simultaneously, the first track “Bzeow” assimilates you into synchronicity with the EP’s locked-in flow. With a sound design that is both organic and high-tech, this tune is only a prelude to the sublime nature of this EP. Coming in HOT! “Slap Happy’s” bouncy synths take you on an anomalous escapade that builds into exuberant intensity. With all gas no breaks until the outro, this track sets up the transition into “Collapse,” which chiefly showcases Shmoop’s immaculate attunement to flow and dynamics. 

Artwork by @fwactul on Instagram
Artwork by fwactul

“Collapse” harnesses alluring polarity!

Beginning with a stripped-down intro laden with dreamy horns, “Collapse” harnesses an alluring polarity to the intensity of this EP’s previous tracks. As crystalline synths lead into crunchy, distorted hooks, subsequently, this song feels visceral and mesmerizing. While entering into the realm of downtempo, jazzy drums tap into a blissful listening experience in “Stutter.” Wonky dubs fusing with euphoric synths keep you entranced in this listening journey, even though it is nearing its finale.

Altogether, the Collapse EP encompasses the feeling of a fleeting dream. In essence, the listening experience is so deeply entrancing and at the same time impeccably short-lived. If you dig this EP, then you should catch Schmoop this summer at Secret Dreams Music & Arts Festival and Sonic Bloom!

Listen to the entirety of Collapse here

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