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Ivy Lab is back, as promised, with Teacup— their second installment of a three-part EP series meant to end 2020 with a bang. After covering the “sunshine” EP Fidget, I couldn’t wait to hear this latest addition. Described by Ivy Lab as “way more angry, way more brooding,” Teacup is your personal rage translator with a cinematic finish. Let’s get into it.

Ivy Lab 'Teacup'

This deeply experimental EP begins with the title track, “Teacup.” With a haunting dialogue, this track begins by setting a dark and ominous tone. Constantly shifting and morphing synthesizers give you a sense of entrapment. Sounds of breaking glass, pounding bass, and vocal reassurance that you will “never get out” create that classic Ivy Lab atmosphere.

Next is “Dark Horse” feat. Rocks FOE, a grime MC from Croydon. This track is more grime than electronic. Ivy Lab give Rocks FOE an evocative beat and the space to go crazy. FOE floats over the beat with insane cadence. While Ivy Lab sets a chilling tone.

“Gutted” is up next, and this one is angry. Explicit vocal sampling and pounding bass fill the first segment and leave you seeing red. The song drops into a more eerie soundscape but keeps that inflamed tone all throughout. Next time you feel like you need to break something, throw this on first.

Then, we have “Pain.” The palate cleanser of the EP, “Pain” begins with seraphic vocal harmonies to hydrate the mind. Percussion patterns pick up the tempo and create a sanguine climate before falling into the final track, “Together Plus Mute.” Wind chimes guide you and echo through your system before drum kicks and cymbal taps create this reposeful rhythm. Groovy one-off basslines are peppered between vocal samples and continue the sense of tranquility until you reach the end.

Listen to the Teacup EP by Ivy Lab below, and support your favorite creatives:

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