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Gentlemens Club has been a widely-adored group throughout the scene for many years. They wield an incredible sense of knowing where to take their sound and excelling at it through each release. As a result, a legacy is established as both individuals and even more so as the unified force that they are today. Now, Gentlemens Club has released a timeless 4-track EP Bones via Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats that will undoubtedly be heard for years to come.

Gentlemens Club Bones EP Tracklist
Bones EP Tracklist

The EP boasts a variety of emotions on each track, something that the listener can relate to no matter the mood they’re in. With thanks to the 4 very talented vocalists featured on each track.

Gentlemens Club – Bones feat. Takura

The opening title track “Bones” featuring Takura completely sets up the entire project with justice. A colorful and dopamine-inducing trip through a myriad of emotions glued perfectly around Takura’s confident vocals leaves an invigorating feeling after one listen.

For the intro we wanted to pay homage to the 80s, an era of music we absolutely adore. Expect classic drum machine instruments and arpeggiator synths galore before Takura unleashes an absolute ear worm of a hook to keep you humming for days to follow. The drop is somewhat a feel good and energetic mood that wouldn’t go a miss at home or on the dancefloor.

– Gentlemens Club

Gentlemens Club – “You Do Me Like That” feat. Ryan Haynes

The closing track to wrap up the project is “You Do Me Like That” featuring Ryan Haynes. Emotionally charged waves crashing over the hum of Ryan’s melancholic vocals weaves the production’s energy together seamlessly. Almost as hypnotizing as it is heavy, there’s a clear feeling being conveyed here and all artists involved hit the target as true expressive creatives. Gentlemens Club and each artist featured sought out to express something that would stand out amongst trends and genres.

We’ll have this one on repeat for a long time.

Listen to Gentlemens Club – Bones EP below.

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