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The latest greatness from IMANU, “Skin to Skin,” is an emotive and melodic track that will leave you speechless. It’s an intimate story-telling piece with stunning vocals that I’ve had on repeat ever since. IMANU hits every mark with “Skin to Skin” and he hits them with surgical-like accuracy. This man is dangerous folks. Out today, April 16th, on Heaven Sent Records.

Photo Shot by Jack Parker

Known once as the esteemed DnB producer, Signal, Jonathan Immanuel Kievit carves a new path under the moniker, IMANU. Breaking into the scene at just 16 years old, Kievit has since amassed an incredible following and a mind-blowing discography. After rebranding in 2019 craving more freedom and a personal connection, IMANU has been on an absolute tear throughout our music space. Making it safe to say that it’s IMANU’s world and we’re just living in it.

“Skin to Skin” is a complex conglomerate of sounds conveying a wide array of emotions. Flowing between ethereal and energetic, this track is an absolute treat from start to finish. The introduction starts soft with synth leads and builds to a crescendo. As the daydreaming ensues, percussion patterns with Trap roots peel you out of your skin. Warping and glitching bass frequencies are woven throughout the first drop. Encompassing vocals eventually peek through the madness with an emotional delivery, cleansing the Soul’s palate, before once again bombarding you with an addictive and bass-heavy soundscape.

“Skin to Skin” is hands down one of my favorite tracks from IMANU. This dance between beautiful and filthy leaves a lasting impression, and it’s a blessing to watch this guy turn everything he touches into gold.

Listen to “Skin to Skin” by IMANU below, and support your favorite creatives

Artwork by ROBOTO

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