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Festival season is upon us and the only thing more important than securing that ticket is figuring out where to recoup from a day of plur-ific shuffling. Enter Home Bass 2020: A music festival resort where you stay where you play.

For housing, there are plenty of other choices out there: Hotels, motels, friends couches… But what if there was a better place to stay where the party can go on for just a few hours longer? A place with luxurious pools, and presidential suite level rooms? A venue where you get just a little bit closer to the artist that you love?

There is such a solution that we didn’t even know we wanted but come to find out we need it. And that’s Home Bass 2020.

So, how did this all start?

Around now for about six years, leader and president of Music Festival Trips, Brian Thomas, is no stranger to planning a great party focused on music. He’s been planning huge events since he was seventeen years old. It’s no wonder that Home Bass has become a ‘Mecca-like’ spot during many electronic music events!

This 3-day resort festival provides pre-parties, shuttle busses and amazing after parties. Many featured artists have included—but are not limited to—Afrojack, Kendoll, Cookie Monsta and Jinx. The list goes on and on!

We have only a few days before they announce their summer and November 2020 packages, so you definitely need to keep a watchful eye.

As if we haven’t convinced you yet…

There are so many more reasons to explain why you can’t miss it, but just remember this: Each time you go to a festival, you always wish for it to be a little longer, had that one last chance to find that friend you met earlier, and you always look for the best after-party. Home Bass 2020 takes care of all of that for you.

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Did you know there will be a Home Bass will be at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa on Memorial Day Weekend?

Tickets will go on sale Thursday, January 16th at noon EST and will include access to shuttles that will take guests to Sunset Music Festival.

Where Electric Hawk will we be this year?

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