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As we get closer and closer to Gem & Jam, the more excited we get. And we were lucky enough to get all the details about Gem & Jam from one of its partners, Josh Pollack!

Electric Hawk: Unlike other festivals, Gem & Jam promotes sustainability. What are the most important ways festival-goers can help in G&J’s mission? 

Josh Pollack: The main thing that our festival-goers can do to reduce their carbon footprint and keep overall sustainability in mind, is carpool with friends to the festival. We’ve designed our car camping and RV passes so that you actually save money by having more people in your vehicle as we charge by the vehicle, not the person, in hopes that more people will arrive together. Also, another super important part in keeping our grounds clean and to reduce overall waste is to make sure to abide by the leave no trace mantra: pack it in, pack it out. 

EH: On that note… Other than music, what makes the Gem & Jam experience? What unique things should we look forward to doing?

JP: The Gem & Jam experience is really about the collision of music, art, and gems, which is a unique combination you don’t quite get at any other festival. We pride ourselves on going super heavy with art offerings, whether that be live painting, art galleries, performance art or interactive art installations that are all designed to inspire with awe. That combination influences every element of the G&J experience that you just have to be there to fully understand.  

EH: So, how did you come up with having this type of cohesive arts, music, and gems festival? 

JP: We realized the need to represent a balance between the arts, music and gem communities that are not being offered anywhere else, and have stuck to that guiding concept. The festival just kind of organically grew into what it is today. Anyone who has been attending the festival for the past few years can speak to its palpable evolution.  

EH: Gem & Jam definitely is one of a kind… The lineup is one of the most diverse lineups I’ve seen come out so far! How are you able to keep the authenticity of Gem & Jam and not book too many mainstream artists?

JP: Thank you, that’s what we’re going for! It’s really something that we have always done. Keeping that diversity of sound & different genres is one of the most important elements to us and we strive to keep our lineups fresh and featuring a healthy mix of musical styles. Also, putting together both a combination of artists that you won’t see anywhere else and special super jams that nobody has ever seen before because the performance at Gem & Jam will be the first. 

EH: It’s been 13 years since Gem & Jam started; how have you seen festival culture change in the last decade? Is it good or bad? If bad, what motivates you to keep going?

JP: We’ve seen a lot of shifts in the festival culture for sure, and most of them are for the positive in terms of festival-goers generally being more environmentally conscious, friendly and considerate of like-minded festival-goers, and looking out for each other’s well being. Although there will always be exceptions and negative elements, we will continue to spread love in the Gem & Jam way and hope that our fans take that positive spark home with them from the festival and continue to use it to live mindfully and aid in each individual’s personal growth. 

EH: Fun question: Now that gems are becoming more of a household item, can you recommend what gems we should have in our homes?

JP: Totally a personal choice, as elements of each gem, crystal or mineral will speak to people differently. You pretty much can’t make a wrong decision! 

EH: What upcoming goals initiatives can we look forward to for G&J 2020 and beyond?

JP: Our goal is, and has been, to create life-changing experiences and prove that music festivals can change the world for the better. We’ll remain dedicated to building a space for our community to flourish. 

EH: And what are you most excited about in the new decade?

JP: Helping to spread more love & compassion in manifesting a healthier world.

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