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The one and only, Mikayli debuts a fresh new single, “HMU, as an Electric Hawk exclusive premiere! Incorporating a creative blend of bass music twisted with hip-hop elements, Mikayli’s unique sound is undoubtedly worth the hype!

Mikayli, captured by: haljahrmarkt

Michéle Failla, based out of Queens, NY, is making waves in experimental sound-system scenes across the East coast. After rebranding from his former alias, Krxnik, Mikayli has made massive progress toward presenting high-quality production and a crisp sound design. The innovative bass music from 2012-2015 inspired him to produce his own music. Then he began learning Ableton in college, and the rest is history!

The Mikayli project is an alias I feel I have complete freedom with. I think Krxnik was a great learning process in building my first brand, but the Mikayli project is what I’ve learned, applied, and polished. I feel comfortable incorporating my hip-hop engineering experience and further experimenting with different types of bass music. I’m really excited about the future of this project and the limitless nature it allows me to make what feels right

– Mikayli

Above all, Mikayli strives for top-notch sound design in every one of his tracks, and it shows. The obvious hip-hop details give this song an extra oomph, and it is hot. The distorted vocals and the crisp beats also go together hand in hand. “HMU” starts grimy and upbeat; however, after the second drop, the rhythm gets slow and bouncy. This marks his newest release since his “One of The Greatest” remixes. So it is only the beginning of the Mikayli project, and I’d come along for the journey if I were you!

HMU by Mikayli cover art
Art by: ZiP Visuals

As a jack of all trades, Mikayli has been essential in the growth of many promising artists on the rise!

In conclusion, Mikayli is more than just a producer and DJ. He masters his own songs, provides Ableton lessons, and is co-founder of a record label, Obskure. Alongside the other two founders, Marc Lipp and Conor Raydar, Obskure is a “home base” for the underground. In other words, their mission is to push and redefine the boundaries in bass music. This management group/event company is a saving grace for aspiring creatives who think outside the box, similar to Mikayli. Indeed, this team has exciting things planned for the future, and “HMU” is only the start of many other fresh releases! Be sure to keep an eye out for what’s to come!

Listen to the Electric Hawk premiere of “HMU” by Mikayli below!

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