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As Global Dance Festival is around the corner at Mile High, we grow eager to witness all the incredible acts returning. Although, there are 6 artists we believe you should not miss as you walk around Empower Field this weekend! Make sure you mark these names below!

Global Dance Festival Crowd
Photo Credit: Chief B


* in alphabetical order *

Blossom Live
Photo Credit: Luis Colato


As she travels all the way from the Pink Planet, Blossom returns to Denver to perform another energetic set for everyone. The rising name recently played on the big stages at EDC, Lollapalooza, Project Glow, and others – Blossom continues to speed through the galaxies to astonish everyone in the audience. Recently, starting to sprinkle in a little bit of drum & bass to her fast-tempo bass house sets, there is nothing Blossom can’t do with luscious mixing and charismatic presence.

Canabliss Live
Photo Credit: @shutter.klick


After a massive Spring, releasing her EP Plasma and going on tour with Liquid Stranger, the vibrant soul Canabliss enchants the Centennial state once again. Now ready to channel all her energy after an adventurous first half of a year, Canabliss continues to have the crowd under her spell and make thunderous waves. She is prepared to turn the town pink while she takes on a sensational spiritual trip. If you are ready to embark on an astronomical journey, Canabliss is your captain!

Jon Casey Live
Photo Credit: Ethan Klement

Jon Casey

Naturally, we are thrilled to see the legendary Jon Casey take on the Mile High stage this weekend! Nevertheless, our bodies are ready to handle the high-intensity and lively soundscapes that Jon Casey delivers in all his sets. He quickly becomes one of our favorites in the electronic scene as he continues to unravel the hyphy energy out of all of us. Hopefully, Denver is ready to take on the massive, vivacious set that Jon Casey plans to show Denver this weekend!

Mport Live
Photo Credit: Nathan Lane


Returning to Colorado, Mport is ready to stimulate the minds of the crowd at Empower Field. Never disappointing with his dynamic and experimental production, Mport preps us to “just have fun and jiggle.” Naturally, the set Mport has ready to unleash for us will contain massive amounts of IDs we will be searching for later into the year. (And maybe some guests will appear, like Brad!) If you are ready to release some tension and let loose, Mport has you covered in Denver this weekend!

Photo Credit: Brittany Teuber


The brother duo MZG is no stranger to the Denver scene. The rising stars continue to shine through with groovy fashion. Earlier this summer, they released their biggest collaboration, “Energy,” with the OGs Big Gigantic on their Brighter Future 2 album. Their “energetic” presence shines in every room they have performed in. Whether it’s at Beacon or Zodiac House in Downtown Denver, the duo knows how to throw down for a fun time. Now, taking a step into the heart of Mile High, we are ready to feel full of life at their set!

sumthin sumthin live
Photo Credit: Jade

sumthin sumthin

Lastly, we got the versatile and elegant mind of sumthin sumthin returning to Colorado this weekend! Surely, the crowd is in for a surprise regarding the diverse set sumthin sumthin must have planned for us. If you are in the mood to get wobbly, groovy, and bouncy this summer, sumthin sumthin has a treat for you. You won’t feel like a fool while you let your body lose control of the sonic waves through the sound system. Once the set is over, our minds are going to be feeling Mile High and we truly can’t wait for an exhilarating set!

Check out the rest of the lineup below!

Global Dance Festival Lineup
Global Dance Festival 2022 Lineup

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