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Krxnik has proven his ability in the bass music scene but he just stirred things up a bit and we are here for it. This icon has, and will, continue to build up the suspense of what he has in store for us. The Krxnik rebrand to Mikayli kicks off with the “2021 Mikayli Unreleased Showcase Mix” and truly introduces his integration of bass and hip-hop music.

Krxnik Rebrand
Michéle Failla (Mikayli)

The Krxnik Rebrand: Mikayli

Mikayli is the brand I’ve been working towards since I started producing 5 years ago. It is a combination of my bass music and hip-hop production. The main goal is to bring rappers and singers into my hip-hop influenced bass music tracks, while still producing and engineering hip-hop records for vocal artists under the same alias”.

Michéle Failla (Mikayli)

Mikayli is a rather revolutionized Krxnik and has a ton of treats in store for us. The first being the unreleased showcase mix which contains not 1…not 2….but 11 unreleased tracks and two edits. The entire 25-minute mix provides a sneak peek into what we can expect to hear in the coming months. The outstanding hard work and articulation of not only the Krxnik rebrand, but the co-ownership of the Obskure label, shows us Mikayli is really capable of surprising us.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the “Obskurities Vol. 2 Compilation” coming soon!

And if you’re looking for an ID from the mix, we have the track list for you as well:

Krxnik Rebrand
Mikayli 2021 Unreleased Showcase Mix Track List

Listen to the “Mikayli 2021 Unreleased Showcase Mix” Below

Keep up with Mikayli:
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