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G Jones, a name that has become very familiar with those who have made an exploration into the ominous and darker ends of bass music. The best way to describe his music to a friend is by asking them to imagine themselves falling into a black hole while a mutated, 6-eyed, and 3-legged Donald Trump chases after them.

Greg Jones, donning the artist name G Jones, is well known for cultivating sounds which resonate with an ominous atmosphere that is incomparable to many other artists, giving fans an experience with every listen by pulling them into his world, something that artists strive to achieve.

Combining unparalleled sound design with sudden and distinct surprises throughout his songs, G Jones makes it entertaining and interesting for each listen by catching one’s ear on the second playback and making them notice something new each and every time.


And with a special sound comes special interest from special individuals.

Bassnectar, EPROM, DJ Shadow, Ekali, Bleep Bloop, and others have all collaborated with the man to create some absolute bangers.

A plethora of ground trembling songs with Bassnectar have turned several heads from a die-hard fan base, like Underground, Mind Tricks, The Mystery Spot, and strong relationships with the likes of Eprom and Bleep Bloop have resulted in successful tours, one of which is still going on and you should most definitely go check out.

Probably one of the most significant events where G Jones turned heads was when one of the most prominent figures in electronic music and an inspiration to him, Aphex Twin, used Greg’s collaboration with EPROM, Warrior, in one of his sets.

Aphex Twin playing G Jones and EPROM’s tune, Warrior.

And the man has most certainly not slowed down in 2017, with a flurry of releases including an EP with EPROM on his new label Illusory Records, festival performances like EDC Las Vegas, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and a one of a kind tour going back to back with EPROM.

I vividly remember attending his sets at Bonnaroo 2017 and EDC Las Vegas, and I never realized how dedicated his following was until this Summer while in the crowd when people would refer to him as “Greg” or mentioned little things like how he got a new haircut.

Video I captured of G Jones live at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2017 below.

As mentioned a moment ago, Illusory Records currently has a project with G Jones and EPROM released on the label, comprised of 5 songs between the duo, titled ACID DISK, which you can listen to here.

Judging by all of the moves G Jones has been making lately, it is without a doubt his success and production prowess will continue to snowball upwards as he paves his own path, now backed by his own label, to give some dope shit to the world. Keep an eye out for Illusory Records.

Interested in G Jones yet?

Below is a playlist of songs we’ve curated for you to explore.














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