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If you’re anything like me, you’ll be excited about Peter Spacey. Based out of Tel Aviv, ISR, he’s got the potential to be your next favorite. Fans of ethereal and ambient sounds…Spacey will be on your radar eventually. The choice is yours whether that’s sooner or later.

Spacey tip-toed into the music stratosphere in 2018. Six EPs and a variety of impressive accomplishments later, Peter is evolving into an entire experience. Performing alongside artists like Masego, Anomalie, and Mad Zach gives him street cred. His music has been featured on videos for HBO, Porsche, and various video games. He’s joined forces with other Tel Aviv based artists to form the supergroup Choke Beat Orchestra. In addition, he’s created an entire augmented-reality experience to pair with his EP, Spacey Video Beat Tape. But the experience I’m referring to came to fruition due to a live session utilizing an instrumentation setup he refers to as, “The Spacetagon.”

“The Spacetagon” consists of the three main elements Peter incorporates into his music. In front, a keyboard for lead sounds and main harmonies. To his left, a small synthesizer for arpeggios and FX. Finally, to his right, a small turntable for scratching and samples. Once combined, “The Spacetagon” is Spacey’s preferred palette to paint his soundscapes. “Morning Haze” is the first installment of an upcoming video series called, “Spacetagon Outdoor Sessions” – a series we can’t wait to see more of.

Watch the “Morning Haze” Live set Spacetagon Session by Peter Spacey below, and subscribe to his channel:

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