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Enter the void of darkness with Godlands as she releases her A/B release, SLEEPER/SICKO on October 20th through Monstercat. Godlands steps back into her roots and experiments with the phonk-driven style to electrify the crowds for this spooky season. She crafted this release to fit the thrilling theme of Rocket Leagues’ forthcoming Halloween event occurring through the end of October. Now, feel the bouncy, fast-paced style to get your heart pumping as you become a creature of the night.

Godlands SLEEPER SICKO artwork

“I was super excited to get into this mini side project that was a little outside my comfort zone. I’d never produced a phonk track before, so to delve into another aspect of hip hop/trap and combine it with my EDM background was really fun. To be able to work with Rocket League is also such an honour, I’m a huge fan of the game and I’m beyond excited to produce some fun tunes for their users.”


Godlands awakens the inner creature in all of us with this release!

godlands sleeper sicko


Immediately, you step inside the driver’s seat and turn on the ignition to head to the function. While you speed through the streets within your neighborhood and head onto the highway, all limitations are off. Godlands brings this dark velocity into the atmosphere as you pass by the city lights. The haunting tones unleash the inner wickedness that lingers from within. “SLEEPER” awakens the spirits and morphs your body into your inner freak. Fully in control, pedal on the acceleration, and ready to make your unnerving debut at your final destination. No time for sleeping, the night is only just starting.


Now, we have arrived to function in our new skin. As we roam through the crowd, we witness the monsters unleashed for the evening. Through the heavy 808s and throbbing bass undertones, our bodies feel the radiant heat in the air. Godlands allows us to be natural monster and feel that badass energy we have been containing all year along for this occasion. “SICKO” switches to something more chaotic and hectic, where your body no longer has control and gets sucked into the grimey dance floor. With only freaks and monsters allowed to be in attendance, we scan the environment and see that the memo has been met. Sometimes all you need in the moment is allowing yourself to go “SICKO” all night.

With ease, Godlands steps into the supernatural spirit with her SLEEPER/SICKO release. Just in time to get ahead start for all the festivities ahead of us this Halloween holiday. Now, go get crunk while listening to some phonk with Godlands! And don’t worry if you miss the Rocket League event, these ghoulish tracks will always be here to listen to whenever you want to release your inner freak.

Feel the spooky phonky energy from Godlands and SLEEPER/SICKO below!

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