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He’s back! Thew introduces his intoxicating track “Dekt” as an Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere. Although its official release is set for tomorrow, be among the first to hear Thew’s long-awaited homecoming.

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Mathew Warburton, aka Thew, has a life-long love for electronic music. Since beginning in 2019, his appreciation and respect for the arts have fueled his success as an up-and-coming artist. Hailing from Denver, the “bass music capital,” Thew gains inspiration from many genres, such as leftfield bass, UK garage, downtempo, and others. Due to this wide range of influences, all of his original sets are impressive, to say the least. Shortly after the debut of his Prismatic EP, Thew joined the Wavecraft Collective family, and the rest is history. With such a supportive team, he continues to level up and push the boundaries of music.

Explore the dubstep genre through Thew’s unique lenses.

“Dekt” marks Thew’s first release of the year and is a part of his forthcoming EP, Variegated. Filled with bass-heavy rhythms and fractured harmonies, Variegated is a statement piece for the new and improved Thew. This carefully crafted compilation will be released as four individual tracks throughout the summer, and it begins with this exclusive premiere!

"Dekt" cover art

“This collection of music was the first cohesive project I made after moving to Denver and relit my spark for making heavy bass music. I think this EP will help listeners see the new direction I’m taking the Thew project in, and I’m very happy with how it manages to crush the glass ceiling I had once set for myself.”

– Thew

“Dekt” begins with a symphony of delicate notes and dial tones. Then, without warning, the grimy bass line immediately follows. It’s simple but also captivating! The funky accents and the neuro-bass groove testify to Thew’s eccentric skills. This tune has been heavily rinsed by many beloved artists such as EAZYBAKED, Ooga, Low Poly, and more. As you can see below, the crowds love it.

Undoubtedly, Thew is making a comeback, and we are here for it! Not only is “Dekt” a certified banger, but it also has solidified his place in the underground scene. Lastly, shout out to the Wavecraft Collective team for including us in this special release. Enjoy!

Be among the first to hear “Dekt” by Thew below!

Pre-save “Dekt” on all platforms here.

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