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FRQ NCY is a crowd favorite over here at Electric Hawk. The man has been on fire this year, spoiling us with multiple releases, and he continues that momentum with the thunderous release, “Quickly!” With delicate melodies riding along smooth basslines, the beatmaker has shown his ability to paint a beautiful picture in his music. Through this recent release, FRQ NCY has truly expressed his vision for the project.

Already in 2022, FRQ NCY dropped singles “Zone” and “A Lens in Time” along with the 3-track release titled Bloom. Now, this latest release adds to the vision he has begun to form.

“Quickly!” displays the multiple moods that FRQ NCY explores in his music.

Through his releases, we have seen the vision start to come to life. FRQ NCY aims to make music that is pretty, yet thunderous. With moments of bliss along with moments of wonderful chaos, “Quickly!” hits that precisely on the head. The track starts delightfully; a sparkling, chopped-up melody rings in the introduction. You can hear the inspiration glistening brightly through the track. Around 40 seconds in, “Quickly!” breaks down wonderfully into its main build. Distant drums slowly make their way into the picture, becoming more prevalent as the intensity picks up. A whirlwind of sounds collide together as the track explodes into its drop.

FRQ NCY Quickly!

And explode it does. The tune drops into FRQ NCY’s version of dubstep. With impressive, futuristic sound design accompanied by an underlying rumble of bass, “Quickly!” is perfect for some big boy festival speakers. It hits you with that face-churning dubstep that gets your body moving, while still being enjoyable to sit and listen to. It really makes for the perfect nuke for any DJ to unleash during a set.

FRQ NCY perfectly leads into the next build, once again accompanied by that charming melody he creates. It delicately leads us into round 2. Once again, he masterfully places the percussion to build into the drop before it once again erupts into madness. This time he puts more of a psychedelic spin on it, sending us for a loop with his strategically placed, chest-piercing lasers.

All in all, FRQ NCY has put together a tune that really hits the best of all worlds. It is truly beautiful in its build-up, before devolving into all-out mayhem. The melody is blissful. The drop is thumping. All in all, we are taken for a uniquely enjoyable ride with this latest track.

Listen to “Quickly!”, out now:

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