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The time has come to seize control with Figure and Lizzy Jane on their most anticipated single “Take Control,” released Tuesday, May 24th. The dynamic duo unleash a portal into another world with the sonic bass and haunting vocals. Figure and Lizzy Jane extend power to the audience, allowing them to “Take Control” of their lives for a split moment.

Lizzy Jane Press

“Take Control” brings the mind-altering experience!

Immediately, the duo opens the vortex of another dimension, releasing spiritual energy from the other side. While staring into the mesmerizing vortex, you notice the shadowy figure extending their arm out. Now, following the commands from the unknown figure, you are brought into the energizing realm; your being slowly becomes weightless as you wander the environment, feeling the sonic-chaotic vibrations shake the world. And as you wander, the eerie vocals echo in the air, “you have my soul, don’t let it go,” raising the chills along your spine. During your travels through the soundscapes, you turn around and notice the portal opening closes. Now, you are fully under control in this new dimension.

Take Control Artwork

Naturally, Figure and Lizzy Jane unleash a dynamic and spell-binding track with “Take Control.” From the moment it was brought to the stage at Lost Lands 2021, the anticipated single is ready to fully take us all under their spell. The chilling and electrifying track energizes the dormant spirit waiting to be released. “Take Control” allows us to slowly accept the energy around us and freely lose control of all expectations from the outside world, even for only a brief moment.

Continue to be under Figure and Lizzy Jane’s control below!

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