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Unveiling the newest and forward-thinking direction for FRQ NCY comes his latest single “Zone” released this February 22nd. After the massive sensation that came from FRQ NCY and his Gems EP last year, he continues to push the boundaries of his sound. “Zone” delivers us a tease of what FRQ NCY has in store for his upcoming EP to be released later this year.

FRQ NCY Press Photo
Photo Credit: Lane Jackman

Recently, I’ve released a lot of melodic material but with zone I wanted something that hit the bass side of things and forget about melody for a second. For myself this track has a feeling of being locked in on something, hence where the name comes from. I just want people to vibe when listening to it.


Entering into a state of flow with “Zone”

The elegance comes from the colorful environment that FRQ NCY paints throughout the introduction. That allows us to escape from the reality as we continue to float through the whimsical colors while being serenaded by these soft angelic vocals in the background. As the vocals kindly guide us towards the booming vibrating bass, that tingles through your body. Through the fluttering percussions and energetic synths, “Zone” catches the attention and zaps us into a daze. Now under a spell, FRQ NCY sends us to the second part of our expedition. The second drop brings heavier and chaotic energy into a radiant and lively setting. As the colors bounce off the walls rapidly, you become lost in translation that before you know it, the track ends. Then you return to the norm reality that you once knew before you listened to “Zone.”

A track that catches your surprise and brings out the “oh sh*t” moments wherever you are going. “Zone” is that track you’ll show off to the friends as you cruise and vibe through the city lights and blast into the streets. On a mission to find that inner peace while unlocking the chaos from within. Untouchable and unbothered as you find the tranquility you are desiring. By the end, you will definitely find yourself locked in your zone. You may even want to press repeat a couple of times so you don’t lose your “Zone.”

FRQ NCY "Zone" Cover Art
Cover Art: Emurse

Dial into the FRQ NCY and what’s next for him!

Just a sneak peek into the direction of possibilities of where FRQ NCY is going for this year. Already garnering the attention from outlets like ThisSongIsSick, FUXWITHIT, and CULTR – there isn’t an end stop to where FRQ NCY is heading. With so much already accomplished on his end, the route still continues to shine for him. If you aren’t already on the right frequency with where he is heading, this is your chance to join in on the vibrant ride of FRQ NCY. Don’t miss out on one of the biggest growing and upcoming producers for 2022!

Don’t let us keep you outta the “Zone” continue listening to FRQ NCY’s latest single below!

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