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The progressive and enlightening mind unravels as FRQ NCY self-releases his latest EP Bloom. Earlier this year the producer returned to his roots with Zone to fully showcase the blossoming transformation of his sound. Now, Bloom unleashes the simplicity of emotions that come when listening to music. FRQ NCY truly embodies the message of trying to create something that will live forever. And through the enchanted journey of his EP, we become a part of timeless history.

Photo Credit: Lane Jackman

I see Bloom as the after math of Gems, or an extension. I wanted to make something simple, yet relatable, on an emotional level for those that listen to this EP; perhaps a feeling of growth, and an unspoken understanding of what the music is trying to relay.


Time to flourish and thrive while listening to Bloom

Before taking an enlightening journey, we must prepare to allow ourselves to fully engage with the message. FRQ NCY has been working with visual artist/producer Emurse to fully expand his vision. Each track in the EP has its own cover art to truly set the tone and atmosphere we are about to encounter when listening to Bloom.

FRQ NCY Bloom The Shadow
Cover Art: Emurse

The Shadow

First track from Bloom, “The Shadow,” holds a blend of dark and light elements. The track transports you into a place of serenity. Picture yourself sailing across the waters as the moonlight above illuminates the environment around you. While following the motions of the waves, we peaceful sail through the twilight skies. As we sail through “The Shadow,” we pass through the wavy and chaotic atmosphere of FRQ NCY’s production.

“The Shadow” shines a lot brighter than what the title represents. Since the track demonstrates this sense of light that always lingers in the darkness, it resembles a guide to our next checkpoint. FRQ NCY tells a story of continuing to wander through the shadows because there will always be a beacon of light at the end waiting for you.


Cover Art: Emurse

Next up, we are enriched with the blissful harmonies and tones that come with the second track on Bloom. “Morning” introduces soft and sparkling chimes, to bring a refreshing awakening to our spirits. The track perfectly encompasses those daybreak hours when your skin gets sun-kissed by the rays seeping through your window. The track rapidly transcends and soars through the electricity that surrounds us in the morning. A bright and enchanting revaluation in witnessing the elegance around us from the moment we wake up.

Naturally, FRQ NCY displays a track that rejuvenates lost spirits and brings cheerful times. You will catch yourself falling in love with the mornings again after listening. Ideal for those moments when you need to escape and reflect as you chase the sunrise. “Morning” will be that track for your inner healing.

Cover Art: Emurse


To conclude, Bloom, we are revealed with a true resemblance of what it actually feels like to blossom, through Florescence.” The track brings upon a whimsical and bouncy introduction, giving us a carefree and breezy atmosphere to let our hair down. The chorus brings an instant rush of melodies while passing by all negativity without a second glance. “Florescence” is that confidence boost to remind you that you are continuously growing in life.

FRQ NCY wraps up the EP with a glistening final track. Fully encompassing the meaning of Bloom by creating something that invokes emotion and feeling of growth in our lives. “Florescence” is a track that will keep us dancing and not giving a single f*ck about the thoughts around us. FRQ NCY brings us the true present of fully being carefree and jubilant about our own personal lives.

Blossom with FRQ NCY and us while we listen to Bloom together below!

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