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Today, Ableton announced a new digital audio workstation ‘Ableton Live 11’. Ableton, known for its limitless DAW’s and its versatility as a live program, has announced the new version of their flagship software. This newest version of Ableton comes with multiple new features that will create a real buzz in the production community. Ableton looks to release its new DAW in the first quarter of 2021. Here are a few of the features artists can expect within Ableton Live 11.

New Features in Ableton Live 11

Groups within groups was an amazing add on in the last version of ableton. They have continued on this idea by now creating lanes within tracks. This allows for people to run through multiple takes. Producers can now select portions of each take and piece together their favorite bits for ‘the perfect take’.

Ableton makes producing music easier and easier with each update. They have gone as far as to create modes that can highlight keys within a scale. This can give those people with less of a background in music theory a boost. Another new feature is the randomized probability matrix that allows you to change the probability of certain effects. For example, changing the probability of the velocity of the notes within a patch can effortlessly create new unique midi patterns and add cool percussive elements to it. 

New Effects

As far as effects, they have doubled the number of macros in a rack. You can also create different variations of macro settings without having to create a completely new rack. The new upgrade also allows you to combine different reverbs with ‘hybrid reverb,’ allowing for cool convolution effects. The two new spectral plugins will also allow for some unique effects on the frequencies in each track. New and improved plugins will replace older ones. The new plugins, in many cases, will provide the same tools but with certain features added like a dry/wet option for more control.

Below is an image of the “Hybrid Reverb” provided by Ableton.

Ableton Live 11

Live Performance Mode

Ableton’s live performance mode is a tremendously useful utility for artists that want to customize their live performances and create a unique experience. They have teamed up with very talented musicians to perfect this performance mode. Some upgraded features will include a “tempo follower” along with live follow actions that before could be used on clips, but now can also be used on scenes. The CPU metering is upgraded for more accurate feedback on noise levels and CPU usage.

The general buzz around the new DAW

There are a lot of new features to be excited about. So many more that are not even listed here. Ableton has always designed their DAW’s with the musician in mind. They have continued that trend here, and there is an excitement around the new release. Ableton Live 10 was quite the workhorse already. It will be intriguing to see what music will come from the newest version of Ableton Live. Production communities on Reddit are going to be buzzing for the next couple of days.

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