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The new EPROM single, “Secret Technique,” is nothing short of inspirational and stunning. With every release, he seems to find a way to push the boundaries of what we think is possible. With EPROM’s stunning new single on Deadbeats, “Secret Technique,” he reminded us all why we admire him so much.

It is no wonder why he is so well-respected by fans and producers alike. Frequent collaborator and bass music legend, G Jones, referred to the track as a “F***ing Slapper.”

“Secret Technique” starts off with ambient sounds that place you in a simulated setting. Then… Boom! Eprom hits you with an exuberating hip hop bassline and rich analog sounds that are distinctly unique to EPROM. Sander, simply, can not miss. He has released multiple projects under different monikers and has yet to underwhelm. This latest track is just one of many perfectly crafted pieces that he has created as EPROM. 

Despite the pandemic and quarantine being in effect, Eprom has had a stellar year. He debuted his new audio/visual (A/V) experience at the beginning of the year. And with social distancing in effect now, he has taken these immersive A/V experiences that he has crafted and curated and reworked them to his live streams. He also debuted a full new project entitled “Deep Sky Objects.”

Eprom has made the best of this year and the current situation. He has been an inspiration to both producers and consumers. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the rest of the year!

Listen to EPROM “Secret Technique” here.

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