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Another year is here! Welcome, 2020! As the history of music is often defined by decades, excitement ensues as we enter a new era. Now, all we can do is patiently wait for artists to make moves and deliver us some fresh tunes.

Luckily for Lane 8 listeners, the wait wasn’t so long this year.

We’re already jamming our way through the first half of January! But, before we get into the latest and greatest by our favorite deep house legend, let’s remember how it all started. A new year calls for a moment of reminiscence. Now, step into my time machine…

Imagine this: The year is 2014. Music festivals are booming as Big Room continues to dominate the headline slots. In the midst of exploring new music, you hop onto BBC Radio and find Pete Tong’s latest predictions on the “Future Stars” of EDM.

Among the honorable mentions is Colorado native, Daniel Goldstein. It wasn’t too long before this up and comer’s debut album, “Rise” (amongst other singles) was released alongside the highly acclaimed record label, Anjunabeats. Today, you may very well recognize this dreamy house music sensation as Lane 8.

Lane 8

As we reflect on Lane 8’s lasting mark on electronic music, it’s safe to say Mr. Tong knew exactly what he was talking about.

Over the years, a vibrant discography comprised of stunning singles, EPs, and two brilliant albums, has shown us the “star” that Lane 8 has been and continues to be as we dive into a new decade.

On January 10th of 2020, Lane 8 emerged with his third and latest album, Brightest Lights. Our radiant captain is back and better than ever, so buckle up, press play, and get ready for a smooth ride through 13 tracks fresh out of your deep house dreams.

From start to finish, Brightest Lights encompasses the serene Lane 8 atmosphere we all know and love.

Enjoy melodic chord progression and heart-warming, ethereal sounds leading up to soft house beats in tracks like “Just” and “The Flood”– which also features Nevve.

Nevve is one of many lovely vocal additions to the album. In collaboration with POLIÇA, Arctic Lake, Kauf, Jen Kuross, and Nevve (and Kyle Kelso), Brightest Lights brings the perfect balance of classic Lane 8 production paired with sentimental lyrics and angelic vocals.

All in all, Brightest Lights is arguably the most ambient Lane 8 album to date. Even so, each song gives off the essence of tranquility while still building and maintaining energy throughout. After all, there’s no such thing as a Lane 8 song without a prominent kick drum.

Brightest Lights is the blissful escape from chaotic reality that we all needed this year. Thank you, Daniel, for shining a light at the end of the tunnel.

Listen to Lane 8’s album, ‘Brightest Lights’ below.

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