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London-based Duskus released “Rising” on June 26 on bitbird. With an energizing beat and a catchy drop, it’s perfect to lift your spirits or for a bright, sunny day.

People say future bass is dead, but Duskus brings new life to the genre with “Rising.”

After the recent release of “Be There One More Time” with bitbird brother Taska Black, Duskus returns with a track that beautifully blends house and future bass. A quirky drop brings the funk. And we can’t get enough!

“Rising” spreads hope and inspiration to each person who listens. The track includes ultra empowering lyrics:

I’ve been rising even though you shot me down

And I’ve been rising even when you let me down.

Duskus, Rising

Hell YEAH, we ARE rising!

During his iconic slow-motion set at Digital Mirage 2, San Holo gave us a sneak peek at the track. Since, the bird man and his label, bitbird, have been understandably hyping up the single from Duskus.

“Rising” means a lot to the London-based producer:

I can’t believe the day is here where I get to release something that is so close to my heart. I’m very big on challenging myself to write something that’s fresh to me… I always wanna push the boundaries and write something that’s not been done, something undiscovered and for me, I think I have achieved this.

Duskus, Instagram – @duskusofficial

San gave us a peek at this behind the scenes moment when he heard “Rising” for the first time…

Watch the video. It’s adorable.

We seriously cannot get enough of this track. Listen to “Rising” and more by Duskus here:

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