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Brooklyn duo, Hearsay, brings a heater of a track with their newest single, “Concrete Jungle.” And producers John and Nicole Buckley, the DJ power-couple drop the freshly-made ass slapper just in time for the summer.

Starting the project back in 2017, the duo originally started this a fun side project. Eventually, it became serious and they played their first show later that summer. Since then, they’ve been steadily practicing their craft, whipping out an insane remix of Bandlez, streaming on EDMtrain, and performing guest mixes. They sure kept busy, and we as music lovers, couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m just gonna give it to y’all straight up… This song right here is a certified BANGER! And I do not throw that word out lightly. Hearsay gives us tropical summer vibes. Just imagine being topless with a drink in hand, throwing ass every which way, making it CLAP! I dare you to try to stay still when you listen to “Concrete Jungle.” You can’t! Or at least your body won’t be able to.

Not a second was wasted in this song. The pounding drums, the trap bass lines, the high pitched vocals, and fun melody are filled with energy for days! Issa summer bop for sure.

Taking heavy influences from artists like Jack U, “Concrete Jungle” shows progression of their sound while paying homage to their idols. We can’t wait to see how they grow as producers. Hearsay should be on your watch list.

Listen to Hearsay “Concrete Jungle” here:

Hearsay – Concrete Jungle
Hearsay – Concrete Jungle

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