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Marking this as his sixth release this year, GunFight is prepared to take us to the “Battlefield.” The single shortly follows GunFight’s recent electro heater, “Dystopia,” adding yet another tasteful addition to the catalog.

For our drum and bass enthusiasts, this is the tune for you! Prepare your sound system because “Battlefield” will whisk you away into a sinister sound atmosphere and shake your sound system. While “love is a battlefield” is a common phrase among songs, GunFight adds an haunted flair.

“Battlefield” highlights an eerie, distant female vocalist whose singing guides the build up towards a glitchy, robotic drop. It’s dark and stormy, keeping you grounded in the Earthly war that can be love. With 2020 halfway over, we’ll be keeping our eyes on what other musical goodness GunFight has up his sleeve.

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