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DRINKURWATER quenches your thirst with his new EP, Movement.  Ringing true to his unique sound, DRINKURWATER delivers a highly anticipated three-track EP consisting of heavy basslines and catchy rifts. Prepare to become properly hydrated with this one, as each track drips into your earlobes. DRINKURWATER is making moves this year, and the Movement EP, available March 3rd on WAKAAN, is just the beginning. Let’s dive in!



The first song on the project, “Movement,” jumps into the EP with a splash. The basslines are intricate and mixed with many bizarre sounds that create a cohesive and explorative track. Proving DRINKURWATER’s immense creativity, this song beautifully mixes together tantalizing techniques to create a song we know you will play on repeat!

I wanted to showcase my weird and heavy sides with this project.  I’m so stoked to bring my sounds to the beautiful WAKAAN platform and be able to showcase the variety of different angles I can take with my music.  Stay hydrated my friends and keep it moving.



The second track on the EP, “Closer,” features deep and undulating basslines. The soundscape is seductive, quenching our thirst. The environment is full, and the heavy drops carry as deep and strong as deep sea currents. Throughout the song, there are these haunting and unique sounds similar to bell tolls. Overall, this song is truly haunting, seductively beautiful, and deeply enticing.

Photo by: @Druenotdrew

“Bendy Riddim Straw

Fan-favorite “Bendy Riddim Straw” has been receiving mad crowd love and has been played out by the likes of Liquid Stranger, Excision, Champagne Drip, and more! It is impossible not to move along to this one, it demands high knees and the nastiest of bass faces. The track starts with a melodic intro, transitioning smoothly into catchy riddim drops. The rhythm slices and bounces through you. It’s the perfect way to complete this EP.

This three-piece EP is proof that DRINKURWATER is rising to the top. All three tracks have very different energies but come together in a project that is cohesive, creative, and diverse. After a rise of popularity in the bass music scene last year, DRINKURWATER proves with the Movement EP that he is here to make waves, and we are absolutely here for it!

Listen To Movement by DRINKURWATER now!

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