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At the front lines of fresh-music Friday, DMVU teams up with independent label Dome of Doom to premiere his new single, “Lantern Bearer,an elucidation of self-discovery. Pairing evocative melodies with the distinctive DMVU sub movement we all know and love, Mathew Jones invites listeners on an introspective voyage of the mind.

And the wubs are nasty, of course… 

Photo credit: Frankie Lee

DMVU continues to provide a refreshing take on the bass scene. The Denver native is a further testament that bass is in the Colorado water. His intricate beats are making their mark on the music world not only regionally, but globally. Whether you are a devout listener, or an admiring producer looking to incorporate his unique sound, DMVU has something for every fan. Melding his knowledge of music theory and filthy bass design, each release brings only one certainty: honest artistic expression. Wait, maybe two certainties. We always dig it.

What’s new in “Lantern Bearer?”

While past DMVU EPs involve live instrumentation, Jones utilizes only a DAW and midi keyboard to create “Lantern Bearer.” The beauty of this track lies in the lack of an end goal. Its effortless fusion builds off of the basics, each step taken with purpose, but not force.

As the first song out from the forthcoming EP, Tools For Those Who’ve Lost Their Way, this lead single foreshadows the blend of heavy and melodic elements still to come. With track names analogous to the instruments used in wilderness exploration, listeners take a sonic journey through eerie, cavernous atmospheres and in-the-pocket beats.

Seriously, I mean it. These grooves and percussive elements are so grimy. You know when you’re subconsciously wanting something to happen in a song, then it happens and it is the best brain-scratch dopamine-rush of all time? Yeah, the drop fills on “Lantern Bearer” do that. Make sure to listen in headphones too and hear all the stereo panning goodness!

But wait, how do we hear more!?

So the haunting wonks engulfed your soul, and now you’re embarking on a forest trek to achieve self clarity. Or, you want to hear the rest of the EP. (Probably both.) We have good news for you – DMVU is on tour right now and your best chance is hearing a sneak preview at a show coming to your city! (You could spot me franticly head banging and jotting down notes at the Los Angeles stop.)

However you decide to listen to DMVU, prepare yourself; it’s a journey like no other. Just remember that the beauty of darkness lies within the infinite possibilities of the tools you choose to reach your light. Thankfully, we have “Lantern Bearer” to guide the way.

Listen below – illuminate your path!

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