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DMVU envokes peace with “Inside My Dreams I Dream,” the latest single off of his sophomore album, Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple; this beautifully composed body of work drops its entirety with DOMEOFDOOM on February 26. A master of downtempo, DMVU weaves a pastel tapestry lush with emotion and imagery. Electric Hawk received the first look at the tale of spiritual growth illustrated in “Inside My Dreams I Dream,” out now.

Some pairings just make sense together – avocado and toast, gin and tonic. We think DMVU and downtempo are another iconic pairing. Last year saw the release of his poetic first album, Two Pairs of Eyes Only Staring at Each Other. He even performed a downtempo set for our very own Harmony Music Festival. The emotional vulnerability DMVU expresses in both of these bodies of music is both calming and relatable. “Inside My Dreams I Dream” is a similarly meditative track.

DMVU visualizes an epiphany on “Inside My Dreams I Dream.”

“Inside My Dreams I Dream” opens up with a glowing flute and the sound of chirping birds. In the background are distant thunder and the showering of a gentle rainstorm. This beautiful introduction washes over the listener and paints images of soft sunlight illuminating a field. A brief break introduces warm singing over a benevolently ticking clock. Meanwhile, the bass line mimics a calm heartbeat. A driving snare riff enters with a monologue. They encourage peace by releasing the worries surrounding negative feelings others may hold; moreover, a seed grows when buried. DMVU sprinkles this message throughout this meditative track.

“Inside My Dreams I Dream” then hits like a powerful epiphany. Beautiful yet tense, droning bass frequencies and guitar-like tones overlay a driving hi-hat pattern. DMVU paints a picture of a pink sunrise slowly breaching the horizon while birds fly through a vast garden. The song’s break is followed by the intensity receding, similar to a spiritual awakening seeping into the soul. It allows for reconciliation of the emotions and to appreciate the graceful soundscape DMVU has created.

The listener reawakens…

DMVU then returns the listener to the panoramic essence he synthesized at the beginning. This grounding reminder comes after the transcendental first stanza of “Inside My Deams I Dream;” the listener reawakens to the oasis DMVU illustrated in the opening of this tune. The vocal sample once again precedes the track hitting like a powerful wave of emotion. DMVU incorporates breaks throughout the song to heighten the overall impact. The breaks, in addition to how “Inside My Dreams I Dream” ebbs and flows throughout, make this track feel alive. It breathes new life and light into the listener. The brief pauses, energetic highs, and introspective lows are reminiscent of personal growth stages.

“Inside My Dreams I Dream” is the third single off of the upcoming album, Praise Be Delusion or, the Ripple. Cover art by Gnostikos.

“You can’t bury me, I’m a seed.”

In this latest single ahead of his album Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple, DMVU invites listeners to an emotional awakening. This track pairs perfectly with a morning yoga practice or any other opportunity for introspection. “Inside My Dreams I Dream” envelopes us with both earthly and spiritual contentment; he encourages internal growth while offering reassurance that it is okay to be human.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of “Inside My Dreams I Dream,” and look out for Praise Be Delusion or, The Ripple dropping February 26!

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