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Puzzle Box,” out now on Deadbeats, flawlessly combines the signature style of both Rezz and Subtronics into one turbulent, yet riveting 212 seconds of masterful electronic fabrication. The two renowned producers have convened for one of the most compelling songs of 2022 so far.

Deep in the trenches of a wildly successful headlining tour of his new dubstep masterpiece, Fractals, Subtronics reminds us why he is one of the hardest working artists in the game. While one colossal producer keeps grinding, another behemoth rears its head once again. Canadian bass producer and midtempo luminary, Rezz, recently kicked off her tour for her new album, “Spirals.”

While many fans have yearned for this unusual clash of titans, the process only truly started about a month ago. Rezz posted on social media to inform the public she was “gonna send something to Subtronics” to start working on something using “his disturbingly gigantic bass noises.” Rezz has always been pretty spot-on with her descriptions. There is a certain level of volume when it comes to the Philadelphia-born and raised Subtronics’ sound, and we are not referring to the loudness. His recent album, Fractals, shows a tremendous level of sound design understanding that dubstep aficionados have been praising since its release in the middle of January this year. Merge his meticulous idea of cinematic riddim with Rezz’s iconic, entrancing combination of dubstep and midtempo, and we have a recipe for a beautiful disaster.

Puzzle Box Escorts Us On A Trip Through The Void And Space

“Puzzle Box” is the culmination of genuine social media engagement, polished production skills, and executing a clear plan. Powered by Zed’s Dead’s label Deadbeats and striking basslines, Rezz and Subtronics have easily synthesized one of the biggest collaborations of 2022 already. I mean, who really had the Cult of Rezz and Cyclops Army uniting as one on their 2022 Bingo Card? Apparently, Rezz and Subtronics did. And so did we, totally (yeah, totally). The visual production on both artists’ respective tours for “Puzzle Box” is a memorable sight to witness, so check if either of them will be playing at a show near you. The 2022 festival season is upon us, and our writing team has compiled a fantastic list of must-haves when you attend a music festival. Be sure to check that out HERE!

Listen to “Puzzle Box” below!

Artwork for “Puzzle Box” designed by Aaron Brooks.

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