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The epic return from the trio Big Gigantic and GRiZ bring us their fourth collaboration together “Open Your Mind” released Wednesday, March 2nd. Through a massive year in 2021 from the two teasing their audiences, the time is finally here to expand and allow yourself to open your mind. Time to take a moment, make some space in your room, and get ready for the ride.

Left to Right: Dominic Lalli, GRiZ, Jeremy Salken | Photo Credit: Jason Siegel

“Open Your Mind” to all the endless possibilities from the trio!

Immediately, we are brought into a realm where expectations and limitations are a thing of the past. Now with a relief of limitless, we walk through the grooves and snapping signatures of reggae to welcome us. As we are greeted with the simple instructions to, “open your mind” the only rules that lie in this world. Slowly building into the massive chimes and drums into the first of many funky and groovy drops. This is the time to fully express yourself however you truly desire. While we continue to bump and cruise along with these new rules, the second drop brings this new heavy-bass element that the headbangers can hold in the temptation no longer. Free and ready to get down to the floor as low as you possibly can. And before we can fully get up, the trio sends us through a new level of limitations that lie inside.

“Open Your Mind” brings the free and thrilling elements from both Big Gigantic and GRiZ musical talents. An addicting track that only will leave you craving for more. Ready to bump through the main car radios as you zoom through the town with the homies, no fear only freedom is left in the air. And as a majority have witnessed, this track in a live setting brings new excitement when this returns to the big speakers this year. As the track instructs, don’t be afraid to “open your mind and look within” there is an endless blooming to you. Big Gigantic and GRiZ brought another electrifying new track into this world. If you are like us, we are already pressing the repeat button on this one.

Open Your Mind Cover Art

“Open Your Mind” to the endless possibilities in the universe with Big Gigantic and GRiZ below!

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