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Here at Electric Hawk, it is pretty obvious what we think of DMVU. The Denver-based producer has quickly earned status as a favorite around here. Known for his unique melodies, and out of the box sound-design, DMVU always provides something refreshing and enjoyable for our ears. Today, he blessed us with “Compass“, the latest single off of his upcoming EP, Tools For Those Who’ve Lost Their Way.

As he always tends to do, DMVU shows off his unique range on “Compass”.

“Compass” is a beautiful display of the talent DMVU possesses. The juxtaposition of beauty with heaviness is delicately balanced to a tee. The tune starts off in a hypnotic manner, grabbing our attention and luring us in. Before long, the massive percussions burst onto the track and allow it to open up. The melody zones us into a trance, with each massive snare snapping us out of it. A perfectly balanced pattern allows us to drift while still keeping our interest.

The second drop maintains a similar style, with the psychedelic melody making its way more to the forefront this time. DMVU magically strikes different chords to produce some euphoric noises, as the track fades to its conclusion. This song is an outstanding display of DMVU’s ability to hit on different styles and shines a light on his magnificent songwriting talents. “Compass” is truly a guide into brighter days.

After recently releasing the wonky “Lantern Bearer”, DMVU has now put out two singles in preparation for his upcoming EP. Based off the first two tracks, we are sure to get something special. With “Lantern Bearer” hitting the more up-tempo, experimental mood, and “Compass” touching on the softer, but still a dark side, there is already a variety of feelings explored, and plenty more to come.

Listen to “Compass” out now on DOMEOFDOOM

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