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After her massive debut EP Heart Drive earlier this year, CARLIE returns to pull the heartstrings of her audience with friend Aliiias on their new single “Fading,” released on September 30th. The duo brings an emotional journey on the fears of losing cherished memories of someone special in our lives as we continue to grow up. CARLIE and Aliiias showcase a track that truly won’t fade in our rotation of songs that help us heal.

CARLIE Aliiias Fading Cover Art

“I wrote the track about the loss of a close family member. It was a really hard time for me and when he sent the track I was just so full of emotion that it all came pouring out. This song really helped me express my worries and emotions through that time – I had a real fear that I would slowly forget details about that person and so I was almost obsessing over memories in a bid to not forget anything.”


Now it’s time to play back those “Fading” memories!

Immediately, we are introduced to the sparkling piano chord accompanied by CARLIE’s angelic vocals. Through the drifting melodies in the background, CARLIE showcases a time-lapse of memories from her past. While we watch the chromatic visions, the glittering harmonies and metallic percussion from Aliiias heighten the sentimental moment we are witnessing. Although we are falling into this dreamy landscape of nostalgia, the visions slowly transform someone special to us. And slowly, CARLIE grabs hold of our hands and leads us into our journey. While she shows our heart blocked by the pain we keep inside, she reveals the key to open it up. And the duo, together, show us the vibrant and radiant memories stored within. “Fading” turns into this carousel of weightless love through its luscious breaks and fluttering synths.

Nonetheless, “Fading” unleashes our fears lingering in our minds. CARLIE shows us the vulnerable side of her charismatic personality throughout the track. While the door opens, she allows us to float inside to discover everlasting memories. The duo brings that reminder that as we continue to grow up, there will be memories we will always cherish. The ones we lose in our lives will always hold a puzzle piece in our overall lives. While we worry about not wanting to move on from the pain in fear of moments vanishing from our heads, CARLIE comforts the audience with her vocals that it is okay to heal. The memories we cherish will always stay with us from now until infinity. So naturally, both CARLIE and Aliiias deliver a therapeutic track with “Fading,” and we continuously will need to re-listen to it whenever we need that slight reminder.

Left: CARLIE, Right: Aliiias

Dissolve with CARLIE and Aliiias as you listen to “Fading” below!

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