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For those of you who love a joyful and feel good sing-along song for a car ride, this one is for you. Cristina Soto’s “Painted White” acoustic mix is really putting a smile on all of our faces. Back in 2015, our sad boi kings Illenium and Said The Sky teamed up with Cristina Soto. The three created the dreamy melodic dubstep masterpiece, “Painted White.” Flash forward to today, and Cristina has decided to make her own unique acoustic version.

Cristina Soto is based out of Austin, Texas, and has a wide range of musical talent. She is trained in opera, jazz, musical theater, and gospel vocals and plays multiple instruments. Talk about a powerful woman. Earlier this year, she decided to revisit her poetic single with Tritonal, “Still With Me,” and give it an acoustic twist. Later remixed by Seven Lions, the single was definitely a hit.

The Meaning Behind Her Lyrics Is Inspiring

“‘Painted White’ stemmed from observing worldly conflict and bringing it down to a deeply interpersonal point of view,” shared Soto. “We are all both righteous and innocent in our minds about the choices we make, even if they are biased and unfair to others. We can also grow from surrendering, which is tied to the white dove/flag of peace in my mental imagery.”

Cristina Soto on her acoustic mix of “Painted White”

Cristina Soto’s “Painted White” is not just a song; it is poetry. It speaks to you and puts your thoughts into words. Reading deep into lyrics and pulling exactly what you need from them is basically therapy. Cristina has the voice of an angel and the songwriting skills of a legend. The magical way all of the melodies and her voice flow so well together gives us Fleetwood Mac vibes. Undoubtedly, with so much talent in one song, this single is best described as effortlessly perfect.

Listen To Cristina Soto’s ‘Painted White’ Below!

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