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Happy Thursday friends! With new music from CharlestheFirst on the horizon, we thought it would be ideal to look back on his discography. Anticipation is at an all-time high, so let’s take it back to 2017 when we were graced with The Reach EP. Grimey, lush, and full of bass, CharlestheFirst propelled his way to the top with The Reach, so we are here to (figuratively and literally) throw it back with you!

At this point in Charles’ musical journey, listeners understood his unique, hip-hop infused, experimental bass. Heavily inspired by his home of Lake Tahoe, The Reach delivered just that. Well-known CTF tracks, “Mercy Falls” and “Kirra,” drip in industrial yet glistening melodies. These are staples in his discography. If you are just getting into his music, definitely give them a listen! Honorable mentions to the twists and turns of “Turquoise River” and “Prophet,” which are personal favorites. Overall, CharlestheFirst created an immersive soundscape for listeners. The Reach EP will have you looking inward and getting lost in life’s beauty.

The year prior to releasing The Reach, CharlestheFirst delivered tons of incredible music.

We highly suggest also checking out Roots, Running Through the Forest, and the Step/Time EP—you will thank us later! But, as mentioned The Reach solidified Charles’ place in the scene. Whether you listened when it first dropped or discovered it later on, the 6 stunning tracks took EVERYONE’S breath away!

Photo credit: Max Rainoldi

The Reach EP will forever hold a place in our hearts as one of Charles’ many works of art.

We hope we could add to the excitement of his new music—if it’s even possible to be more excited! Be on the lookout for CharlestheFirst’s next single, “Out of the Dark,” arriving on November 25th, off his forthcoming album. In the meantime, we will continue to be sharing weekly throwbacks for you to reminisce on and discover!

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