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After blowing listeners away with his recent album, The Art of Distortion, and a phenomenal Black Box headline, Mindex is back to give us a glimpse of what’s to come from his project this year. This morning, we were let in on something huge from the producer; 25 minutes of unreleased Mindex tunes in the form of a mix entitled ‘Rebirth.’ Sit back and prepare for some serious grooves. Woven within this mix you will hear seemingly every corner of Mindex’s talents from the past few years. Cozy, bubbly bass, glistening DnB, and hints of dark engulfing sounds… ‘Rebirth’ has it all and more. Stream the mix below or on Bandcamp!

Artwork by GrymLife – check out his Instagram, here.

Creating music is not just a craft, it’s a journey of self-discovery. This 25-minute ‘Rebirth’ – Unreleased Mix is the culmination of years of refining my style and exploring my inspirations. With each track, I aim to capture the essence of Mindex and deliver a unique listening experience that resonates with my fans. In this mix, I delve deeper into the heavier side of my sound, while staying true to my creative roots. I’ve included some exciting flips and remixes that are sure to get dancefloors moving, but I’m holding back on a special Madonna remix that I’m saving for another time. So sit back, turn up the volume, and let the music take you on a journey through the world of Mindex.

Slava Mindex

This mix surely has us antsy for these tunes to be officially released. In the mean time, it will be listened to many… many times. If you loved all of this unreleased Mindex as much as us be sure to stream the rest of his discography and catch a live set of his any chance you can. He will be at Sol Fest, May 5-7th, and we may have word that you will hear even more unreleased music that is not included in this mix, there!

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