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A good friend of ours having already featured a booming guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio, SLZRD is a common supported name from us that we’ve been keeping a sharp eye on for what his next move would be since we first found out about his insane remix for Tyler the Creator’s Sandwitches with Dopamine.

At last, SLZRD debuts his first project, ‘My EP Is Dropping’, a 4-track flex of thumping bass, swagger, and party-starting bangers.

“This is the culmination of all of my experience with bass music thus far: a four track EP, each song pulling influence from a different sub-genre”


The overall EP yields an aggressive vibe showing no mercy to whatever speaker system you may choose to blast it on. Making strong use of hip-hop vocals for stylistic sampling as frosting to this bass cake, the heavy beat knockin’ flow and other genres shine brightly through each individual track in its own way.

Cursed‘ makes a rattling entrance that quickly bursts through with expertly crafted synth-work that shakes up any function with each note. This could quite literally be the anthem for a FIFA or a NFL game in the year 2030 once everyone realizes bass music is the wave.

She Can Get It‘ has a similar filtered out arrival as ‘Cursed’, but has an extreme focus on the fury of kicks that really give this track it’s “oomf” and unique structure, pulsating with quaking low-ends, surprising twists and glitches, and pumping adrenaline through any soul in the room.

We’re beyond excited to see such a stellar debut project come to life from Sami that brings songs from a genre we’re already a bit familiar with that blends heavy-hitting beats, hip-hop and trap influence, and experimentation with bass-focused synths, but in its own way has successfully reflected how he has conjured his own world of sound that shows extreme promise as to why he’s one you should be watching.

Congratulations on ‘My EP Is Dropping’, SLZRD!


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