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Coma Tek debuts an incredibly unique 4 track EP Ritual Music on the esteemed label Renraku. Ritual Music has diverse layers of sound design, showcasing experience and talent within the Reno-based producer’s first project.

“Music has always contained some form of a ritual to me. I think in practice as a producer, and in play as a listener, this EP became a melting pot of these rituals in the form of sound, and rhythm. A lot of the production choices and sounds were created with this in mind, and while I found myself exploiting a lot of the same ones, I also found new rituals that really pushed the sound forward on this record.”

Coma Tek
Coma Tek

As we dive into this project and begin the ritual, the atmosphere is dark and heavy.

DEFIANCE,” the opening act of this tale, begins with eerie synths before launching into an elaborate drum and bass section. This track is carried by a fast-paced tempo and harrowing frequencies. Originally designed as an acid tune, “DEFIANCE” keeps those rave elements and sets the atmosphere right out of the gate.

As we venture deeper the energy begins to shift, but the dark nature of the EP remains. “INDIVIDUALITY <NOT FOUND> gets you off your feet with heavy bass and rhythmic drums. Showing immense talent in his craft, Coma tek fluidly moves between genres throughout this body of work. “INFORMANT <ACCESS GRANTED>” thrusts us into a different environment. We enter a fast-paced, glitchy soundscape that will leave you in a head-nodding trance.

Concluding this journey into sound is the EP’s self-titled tune “RITUAL MUSIC.” Beginning with light ambient background layers and angelic vocal samples, the room brightens before a wave of heavy bass removes it in an instant. “Ritual Music” is an anomalous dubstep track that caps off an astounding Debut EP.

Embrace the darkness with Coma Tek’s Ritual Music EP, out now on Renraku

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