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Orlando-based C.H.A.Y. broke into the techno scene in 2019, but with 2020 debut, Your Interpretation EP, he has proven himself to be a top tier producer to watch. The three-track EP was released on February 18 via Mau5trap – so you know it’s flame.

In 2019, we saw releases from C.H.A.Y. with techno and house music giants like Mau5trap and Dirtybird. He began 2020 with his second Mau5trap release ready to wow listeners yet again. With a specific vision of expressing his creativity through analog gear, C.H.A.Y. generates a truly personal experience for all who lend an ear.

It’s up to Your Interpretation, but we are loving this EP.

Christopher Fratt, A.K.A. C.H.A.Y., has truly flexed his techno muscles here. Each track has that classic and hypnotic pulsating beat, layered with dark and beautiful textured soundscapes and eerie vocal samples written and recorded by the man himself. These added features bring a whole new dynamic to what we’ve previously heard from Fratt. We knew he had the beat, and now we know he has the songwriting skills and the voice to match. C.H.A.Y. has blossomed with each release, forming a strong musical identity in the scene.

Focusing on themes of self-acceptance and hope, each track has a message for its listeners.

Keychain: You have everything in your life that you go through, deal with and carry with you throughout. It’s like the symbols on a keychain. They’re like memories that you carry with you.

Virtual Landscape: It’s about looking at life from the outside, from a bigger perspective. It’s about having hope.

Your Interpretation: People should be who they are, not who other people think they should be. If someone’s telling you what you should feel, you’re becoming someone else. I don’t think that’s something you should have to do.

Christopher Fratt, A.K.A. C.H.A.Y.

Brb, gotta take a break from dancing and explore my true self.                     

C.H.A.Y. has already earned some major accolades and endorsements from Deadmau5 himself, as well as Claude Vonstroke and Jauz. He’s taken the stage with Wax Motif, i_o, Golf Clap, and more. His escalating presence in the scene is undeniable, and his commitment to his craft is tangible. We are so excited to see more from C.H.A.Y.

Be sure to catch C.H.A.Y. playing at Okeechobee, Miami Music Week, or SunLion Orlando!

Stream C.H.A.Y.’s Your Interpretation EP from mau5trap below!

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