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On Friday afternoon CharlestheFirst completely changed the course of our future plans. Out of nowhere, he tweeted out a message and a picture of a lineup. Saying our jaws dropped when seeing this would be the understatement of the century. It was absolute chaos in the EH headquarters as people scrambled to figure out… how in the world do we get to Wyoming? Featuring some next-level support, the lengths we will go to get there are unimaginable.

CharlestheFirst and his team have put together a lineup that would put most festivals to shame.

No offense to any festivals, but wow. This lineup is a dream come true. It’s as if Charles went inside the brain of all his fans to know exactly what we were looking for. On night one, we get to see the up-and-coming king, Black Carl!, as well as the queen herself, Huxley Anne. Esseks, who has an LP dropping on Deadbeats soon, will also be providing support on Friday night. Then, two of the dark lords, Tsuruda & Eprom will absolutely melt the ranch. Of course, all of this followed by the man himself, Charles.

Night two is somehow just as stacked. If the lineup stopped after fellow Lab Group member Potions, who just blessed us with two “Incantations“, and the unfairly talented Vctre, we would be satisfied. But, on top of that, we get the legend herself, Khiva, the bicycle man, and the lord of the triangles, Yheti. Oh, and a second CharlestheFirst set. That’s right, it’s time to hear Solus live.

Travel and safety info!

I think two of the main questions on our minds will be: 1) how the heck do I get to Wyoming? & 2) what precautions will be in place for this event? To answer the first one, Laramie Regional Airport is 50 minutes down the road from Cheyenne, where this event will be taking place. Another, potentially cheaper option, is to fly into Denver and make the hour and a half drive from there.

In terms of Covid-19 precautions, Charles and his team laid them out clearly on his twitter post for visibility. You can also read on the image below:


Tickets are still available here, and you can use the code: SOLUS to access them. But don’t wait too long, as we imagine they will be gone soon. Hope to see y’all on the Ranch!

Listen to CharlestheFirst’s most recent LP, SOLUS:

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