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Esseks, an artist of many facets, clears the way for his latest offering, “Watching From A Distance,” ahead of forthcoming LP The Villain’s Journey. The striking single, out via Deadbeats, is dark, genre-bending, and truly thrilling to listen to.

Esseks Watching From A Distance
Esseks – ‘Watching From A Distance’ | Artwork by Esseks

As an innovative producer, visual artist, and overall dope being, Esseks has been delivering cutting-edge work since 2015. His style touches all corners of bass from experimental heavy tunes like “Soul Stone” with Shanghai Doom, to downtempo sonic journies like “Ellie’s Nap” off CloZee’s curated Emergence album. Basically, what we are trying to say is, Esseks gives the people what they want to hear and so much more.

Esseks sets the tone for his forthcoming LP with “Watching From A Distance.”

It is no doubt that even electronic artists pull inspiration from a variety of genres. In “Watching From A Distance,” Esseks merges aspects of hip-hop, prog. rock, and psychedelic bass to map out a blueprint for The Villain’s Journey. Layers upon layers of intricate sounds fill the airwaves for 2 and a half minutes, leaving listeners with a buzz that is unmatched. The hype created for this LP is REAL.

It’s a small piece of a bigger picture.

Esseks, on the single.

Stream “Watching From A Distance,” out NOW on Deadbeats, below, and keep an eye out for more from Esseks.

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