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Supertask has fans sitting on the edge of their seats. Last week the artist announced he was ready to give our community more “Healing with what we can only presume is eight new tracks. With cryptic messages guiding the way, Supertask has us waiting in anticipation with lots of tricks up his sleeves.

Always Buy The Ticket & Enjoy The Ride

Now, Supertask is giving fans another dose of a Choose Your Own Adventure” livestream. If you partook in his bicycle-day antics, the astral plane projected for this next project will be insane.  To attend this event, fans can purchase a physical one-of-a-kind keycard that acts as a “ticket” to the stream. The keycard provides access to a portal of exclusive content for the current works of Supertask, including but not limited to new merch!

Stream Supertask’s Discography:

If you’re not already simping over Supertask, it’s never too late to start. In collection with Lab Group, Supertask never fails to push limits of creative potential and sound. His entire discography is the infinite sequence of dark yet introspective and dancing yet meditative. If you’re ever feeling too amped up on the Yerba Mate, this artist provides the perfect dose of grounding.

It’s been over a year since Supertask has released albums Net User and Zero Day. Not being able to tour for nearly a year now has given artists the ability to create moments of solitude for themselves. In retrospect, a little time alone has the capacity to rejuvenate creative flow and thinking. Supertask kept vocal about his mental health and the need to step away from social media platforms throughout last year. In doing so, he redirected the energy into himself and the forthcoming campaign, and we can assure you we’ll be following this every step of the way.

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