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camoufly transports the listener into a new emotive universe with his newest EP, THE GIANT. You ever had the absolute worst day, and a song unexpectedly transports you into a better time, a better place? The types of songs that you can feel injecting sonic dopamine into your ears. Songs that bring back memories of sunshine in the rain, car rides, and a friend’s laughter. That is exactly what this camoufly EP accomplished.

camoufly the giant EP
Credit: camoufly

If sounds could paint, this portrait would be one of hope through the highs and lows. 

rituals” brings in low-toned beats and a dynamic rhythm that builds to a sparkling drop. It is definitely a departure from the typical upbeat pulse that we typically get from camoufly, but that makes it all the more beautiful. It sets a balanced tone for the rest of the EP, conveying that there can be storms through the sunshine.

million years” gives you the beautifully ringing synths, upbeat rhythms, and vocals that camoufly is so good at infusing into his music. We get perfectly matched vocals and a beautiful instrumental outro in this song that carries the tone of “rituals” perfectly. This song is the sunlight peeking through the clouds after the storm, the glimpse of hope you find in the saddest hour. It starts us on an upward swing that comes to its peak with the following track, “pyramids.”

pyramids,” becomes a climactic moment in the EP, where the heavier bass tones meet the familiar sparkly synths and sounds that made us fall in love with camoufly as an artist. It has a steady, uptempo beat that could be your cruisin-down-the-highway tune, or a calm pick-me-up to help carry you through a hard week.

sakura” feels like playing video games with your best friends, small auditory surprises falling into the track along the way. The layered sounds flood your ears, a perfect departure from the tracks before it, but still such a seamlessly beautiful sonic sister to the rest of the EP. It pulls in that darker, deeper tone that is consistent throughout the piece. It feels like a sunset song, bridging the gap between the “sunnier” tracks and a sexier, more seductive sound. This song can get your hips moving.

And last, but certainly not least, “possibilities” makes you think about texting the “one that got away.”

camoufly released this as another single on the EP on Wednesday, and it serves as a perfect foil to the other single, “pyramids.”

It has perfectly placed vocals set on the backdrop of intermittent harp sounds and vibrant beats. This song reverberates out of the speakers, calling to you with beautifully placed adlibs. It’s an impeccable end to the EP, carrying the sexier, deeper tones from “sakura.” It is like the perfect wave goodbye, the end of a memory-filled night, the kiss at the end of a first date. Similarly, “possibilities” does an incredible job of driving home the feeling of this EP in a special way. 

Much like camoufly mentioned in tweets about the EP, this piece of work really does pull together what it feels like to reminisce on old memories and feelings.

Consequently, each note and beat calls on different feelings. The times when you got your heartbroken and then mended it yourself. When you just felt like driving through the night to find some peace. When you were at your wit’s end with life, and you just needed a ray of sunshine through the storms. It reflects camoufly’s uncanny ability to channel feeling into sound. When you listen to this EP, you will feel something. 

We will have THE GIANT on repeat indefinitely. We cannot wait to see what camoufly has in store for us next, listen to the EP below and follow him on all platforms!

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