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In July of 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement at its most heightened, many individuals and organizations alike sought a way to show their solidarity, be it donating where they could or physically protesting in the streets. A popular trap subreddit, r/trap, birthed the idea of a community mixtape to rally donations. This later became the start of BOOST TAPE 01.

The digital compilation album featured legendary artists such as BAAUER and Hekler. With all proceeds going directly to The Movement for Black Lives, they raised over 50,000 streams and $8,000 in revenue after the first week alone.

Almost a full year later, tonight we see the worldwide premiere of BOOST TAPE 02.

Premiering at 9:30 EST on NIGHTMODE, the livestream will include performances from off, OAKK, Bishu, DJ Danl, and Four Color Zack. This time, all donations will support the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, a civil rights organization for racial justice.

Following the premiere will be the official launch of BOOST TAPE 2. Available on Bandcamp March 5th, the second edition has somehow outdone the first, boasting names among the likes of Acrillics, Chee, Ivy Lab, and more.


While some consumers may be hesitant to purchase digital music versus a cheaper streaming service like Spotify, it’s imperative that we stay vocal and proactive about the racial inequality plaguing our country. Supporting BOOST TAPE 02 is an easy way to help contribute to a worthy cause, and is well worth the 28 explosive tracks packed into it.

Make sure to tune in to the premiere tonight HERE and purchase the full album on boost gang’s Bandcamp tomorrow!

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March is Women’s History Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate successes and acknowledge struggles women face across the world. If you’re looking to support organizations that educate on women’s health, gender/workplace equity, and more, then look here.

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