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For all my downtempo, experimental, melodic bass lovers, do I have a treat for you.
Allow me to introduce, Entangled Mind.
Unsure how such a talented individual has flown under our radar for so long. It’s time to show some serious love to this insanely badass queen. Eternal Motion is the debut self-released album from Entangled Mind. When I tell you this album is something special, please trust me.

Marissa Barbato is the mastermind behind this Entangled Mind. Her career started within the underground scene of Charleston, South Carolina, and continues to build as she takes on new uncharted territories with ease. Like the Frog’s Lemonade EP, some of her previous work is the perfect prep before your deep dive into her full album. In each of Entangled Mind’s tracks, it’s easy to see the personalized work and attention paid to the layers beautifully woven together. Eternal Motion is her most personal work yet, and this is evident throughout.

Created over the past almost 3 years, this is my most personal work yet. It dives deep into a more emotional and introspective side of human experience. Embracing joy, love, pain, uncertainty, inspiration, and growth.

Creating music has always been a way that allows me to feel more connected. To myself as well as to others and to the world in general. I hope that this album makes others feel a little bit more connected too as we navigate this ever-changing life that we’re all entangled in.

Entangled Mind via Instagram

Eternal Motion: Recognizable and Unfiltered

Eternal Motion is an 8-track journey where we slowly detangle the inner workings of Entangled Mind. First, the tone is set with the intricate spirit of “Forward Unfolding.” The spoken word from Vapordoll adds the perfect touch of thought-invoking flavor to this already mind-altering tune.

Then, with “Gemini,” we get a switch in tempo. Bringing in guitar done by Entangled Mind herself and keys, which are done by Paul Barbato, Entangled Mind’s father (can you say wholesome.) This father/daughter duo cook up something special, mixing a cup of instrumentals, a cup of deep grimey bass, and a pinch of glitchy goodness, “Gemini” is the perfect recipe.

“Once in a Blue Moon” was the lead single from this album, and it’s clear why. The perfect representation of Entangled Mind’s sound, the melodic underlayer acts as the perfect foundation for the insane bass this track is housing.

A personal favorite of mine, “Shadow Shifting,” shifted my body, mind, and spirit into a whole other universe. I don’t think I’ve ever hit a like button harder in my life. The warped sounds and deep whirling bass coating left me at a loss for words.

Closing out the album, we have the remix of Collective Disparity’s “Life.” This emotion-evoking tune features lush vocals from Aubrey Shea that perfectly compliment the transcending and descending production spin Entangled Mind added to this track.

As we dive deeper and deeper into Eternal Motion, it feels like each track instantly becomes our new favorite. There’s no proper collection of words in any formation to describe the raw talent showcased on this album. Mark our words when we say Entangled Mind is about to be a force to be reckoned with.

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