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The Black Lives Matter movement has taught us that we cannot remain silent. While the world must continue, we need to continue advocating for racial equality. This is what Juelz set out to do when he enlisted artists for his latest musical project, “Renegade.”

Fighting For Color of Change with “Renegade”

Released on June 18, 10 musicians came together to form one massive single. The collaboration features producers Harlyyn, Hekler, Juelz, juuku, RemK, and Stay Loose and vocalists chæ, Darkmark (also involved with the production), midnight, and Wasiu. “Renegade” was created to inspire hope of change. The versatile group of artists are donating 100% of the proceeds directly to the Color of Change organization.

The track enters with a glitchy, yet peaceful soundscape. While the track progresses, various singers and rappers wrap their vocals around you in a tight embrace. As the different build-ups commence, multiple satisfying drops come in with vibrant musical flavors. If you just can’t get enough, listen to “Renegade” on all streaming platforms here.

Two weeks ago, I was compelled to create something that’s sole purpose was to help fight for equality of Black people in America. With the help of several very talented friends, we came up with this a week or so later.” – Juelz

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And if you’re looking for ways to educate yourself and contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, check out this site.

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