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Making waves and swiftly taking over with top-notch bass and gritty sound design, Blanke has shown persistence and versatility time and time again, even moreso on his latest EP, ‘Change & Decay‘ out via our favorite label, DeadBeats.

Absolutely on fire this year, Blanke continues his burning path from a feature, ‘Gorgeous‘, with Bipolar Sunshine on the latest Illenium album. His 2019 also consisted of crushing his Hard Summer set and collaborating with ATLiens for an immense banger.

Blanke at DeadBeats Arizona, Captured by Lucas Sachs

The 4-track EP is a 15-minute shining display of his sounds in full form with help from friends GG Magree on ‘Incinerate’ and REAPER on ‘Death Rattle’, each song weighing heavily in details that catch you by surprise and pumped full of influence from every genre across the board, never allowing him to be boxed into a single genre. This is what’s making him a perfect example of why he’s a superstar DeadBeats artist.

‘Change & Decay’ begins with the emotionally ascending melodic dubstep track, ‘Hollow‘, that halfway through spirals into madness with slicing synths and chest-thumping drums that shake your entire body. Closing the EP out is ‘Peace In Emptiness‘, an incredibly gorgeous track that pulls at the heartstrings and leaves the listening experience of the EP to end on the most magical note.


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